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Earthday Tree Planting and Road Cleanup Day

A day dedicated to helping Mother Earth, community involvement, interaction, and education about our environment and our place in it. Each year around Earth Day Volunteers help with cleaning up the trash along our adopted section of road and help to plant trees or work in the gardens. A potluck lunch is served during the day and it is finished with drumming by the bonfire.

A little history about our Earth Day event

2007 After realizing that unpaved roads such as the one in front of Wolf Run are otherwise neglected by volunteer clean-up groups, some of the Wolf Run members conducted it’s First Road Clean-up.

2008 Wolf Run was awarded the Go Green Award by S&S Worldwide for its continuing efforts to be more environmentally conscious.

2009 Wolf Run was recognized as the first organization in Mecosta County and possibly the state for its road clean up of an unpaved road by being accepted into the Adopt-A-Road program.Volunteers Adopt A Road Program Mecosta County Michigan Wolf Run was also recognized by The National Wildlife Federation as a Certified Wildlife Habitat.

If you would like more information about any of our events, volunteering, or would like to help in other ways please feel free to contact us.

Day Schedule:

Starting at around 9:30 AM, volunteers attend a brief safety meeting and are then divided into groups.

Groups 1 & 2 are then taken to the ends of our 4 mile road cleanup section. They then walk towards each other covering an approximate 2 mile section and meeting back at Wolf Run.

Meanwhile Group 3 is in charge of kids activities for the youngsters that can not join in cleaning up the road.

Last but not least, Group 4 will stay in communication with all the groups and help to provide support as needed. Such as picking up the full trash bags from the road or delivering water bottles to who ever needs it.

After both Groups 1 and 2 return to Wolf Run, and a short break they will join with Group 3 and 4 and plant seedling trees around Wolf Run.

Once done with tree planting we will come together for a community potluck meal.

Throughout the day discussion topics will be centered around our environment and our role in it.

Weather permitting that night we will be drumming by the fire and camping will be available.