L. Leslie

This has been one of the most eye opening, life changing, spiritual awakening events I have ever experienced. I have never felt more loved by just existing. No expectations. No demands. Just loved for being present. I "met" people that my soul has already known. Such a beautiful experience. I love you all. Blessed meet, blessed part, and blessed meet again.

C. Lynn

The best place to find peace and clarity. You walk in and are immediately family. No judgement, no haste; just calm, loving, amazing people. I left a changed person. A happier, more comfortable person who is now content with myself.

L. Crabtree

It's a place that feels like home….. the " family" that run the Wolf Run Wildlife & Spiritual Sanctuary greet us as if they were waiting for us by remembering our "families" faces. It's great!

J. Dinkins

Wolf Run Spiritual Santuary is such an amazing and dynamic project that mere words can not describe. One must come for the day or an overnight camping visit and experience it with your own senses. ….. What ever answers you are seeking, what ever decisions the lay before you....this is the place to seek the truth. Annual events and private gatherings fill the calendar at Wolf Run. Ready for a gift to give to yourself? Then just go.

C. Ferro

I want to thank everyone who put this together! It was my first visit and will come again! What a blast! Harvest fest 2019

The 3 Sisters Shoppe and Phoenix Rising Coven

We wish to say a big thank you for all the hard work done, in-front of and behind the scenes, at this year's Harvest Festival. We know it takes alot to put this event on, and those that were working so hard, please know that as a Vendor, your hard work was noticed and was greatly appreciated.

E. Render

I do not have enough words in my vocabulary to accurately describe the amazing sanctuary and oasis this place is. Not only is it a perfect local for meeting up with my people, the overall energy is so positive and powerfully cathartic that 5 hours later I still feel as calm, inspired and uplifted on a soul level. My Gods! My faith in humanity has been restored because of all the examples of compassion, kindness, understanding, and love I watched friends and strangers treat each other like family. ….. What you are doing is simply amazing. I feel honored for having met you all. I learned quite a bit. Especially to be prepared for spontaneous spiritual retreats.

J. R. Jones

Took Princess on a walk through the trails at Wolf Run Harvest Festival. So beautiful and peaceful! This is *so* our Home Away From Home. (Also lots of benches along the way so I can take frequent sit down breaks! It's so nice to be able to go on a "long" walk without my back hurting. I love this place!)

A. Sampsell

As I sit here at home after a wonderful event, I wanted to tell folks about the place the event was held, and the many 'how's' I have seen. The first time I stepped onto Wolf Run Wildlife and Spiritual Sanctuary (WRWSS) many years ago, and what I consider to be my little piece of bliss, I felt the deepest sense of home. Of how the energy I felt then, and still to this day, is so amazing, calm, peaceful and invigorating! How it has grown, yet has still remained pure and serene. How when I stay overnight, watching the sunset upon the land, I am able to breathe a sigh of relief as the stress melts away, and as the sun peeks over the horizon in the morning, I smile at the way the land awakens from its slumber, welcoming me with a hug of pure delight. Of how I walk the paths, feeling the land vibrate beneath my feet, grounding me; and how, if I stand in certain spots, I feel this spendid welcoming rush wash over me, opening my senses in ways that I have never experienced anywhere else. Of how, no matter where I am, I see glimpses of this serene woman with long dark hair peeking at me, smiling beautifully and I know that she is the guardian here. Of how, when its time to say my goodbyes, that a little piece of me stays there, a part of the land and of the energy.....a part of the essence of Wolf Run Wildlife and Spiritual Sanctuary...my home away from home and my spiritual retreat. So, which much gratitude I say a heartfelt thank you to the land that has welcomed me, washed away my stress, has given me renewal and has reminded me to breathe and relax...

Wolf Run Wildlife and Spiritual Sanctuary Remus Michigan 49340

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