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Board Of Directors

Stan Newcombe — Director

- Known as Grey Wolf by family and friends he is a Husband, father of 3, author and wand maker. Stan has been studying Pagan paths since he was 14 but was not able to openly share his beliefs until much later. Stan was raised to believe that honor, integrity and honesty should be what defines a person.

Working with others in the Pagan community since 2003, what started out as Meet and Greets at local restaurants in Mount Pleasant, Michigan later became getting involved as a member of Officers of Avalon, a Pagan group comprised of active and retired military, law enforcement and public service personnel. Seeing the need to do something more for the pagan community is what lead him to gather a group of like-minded people to found the Wolf Run Wildlife and Spiritual Sanctuary in 2006 that later was incorporated into a 501c3 nonprofit charity..

Following an eclectic Wiccan path, Stan became Ordained in 2007 and using his "gift of gab" he started to publish a blog called Stan's Rambles with the hopes that it would get people talking.

Because of his years of service and dedication to the Pagan community, Stan was named 2018 Michigan Pagan of Year by the board of the Michigan Witches' Ball. Through hard work and determination, he plans to continue to bring Pagan groups from all over the state together.

Doug Sievers — Co-Director / EZine Editor

- As a disgruntled Christian I found myself sliding on the wayside. Then one day I meet Silver, she did not have the answers that I wanted from the bible, but she did have other answers to other questions and that started me on the way to being a Solitary Druid. Now 4 years later, I find that most of my questions can be found just by living and working towards a better world, that if I can keep my area in line with natures way, than I will have a better life, and those around me will also benefit from it. So who am I, you ask, I am just a simple Druid in a very complicated world, looking for a simple life. I believe that magic is real but that it is not the magic others believe in. (Photo Credit: Moments By Lori Ann)

Altona Newcombe — Co-Director / Secretary / Treasurer

- Raised in an eclectic and open minded home, Altona (Toni) worked with candle magick and reading cards at an early age. With a keen interest in genealogy she loves to see how people are connected throughout time and enjoys getting involved in various crafts and DIY projects. Known by many at Wolf Run as the Queen of Canopies, and a Jack of all trades, Toni can be found all over the property making sure the trails are mowed and the canopies are set up where they need to be prior to events. Some of her DIY projects at Wolf Run include benches and the outhouse, where she loves using reclaimed pallet wood and other recycled materials whenever possible.

Rae Fia Brassell (Jessica Necamp) - Event Coordinator

- With over a decade of service to the Pagan community, Rae has helped several organizations and groups throughout the years. From helping to organize various events to being the founder of Red Tent West Michigan, a women's group dedicated to creating sacred and non-judgmental places where women gather to honor all stages of womanhood. Rae has continued her service here at Wolf Run for several years starting as a volunteer helping wherever she could to serving several roles on the Board of Directors, the latest being as our event coordinator.

Kristen Walker - Youth Activities Coordinator

- Growing up on the Wolf Run farm, Kristen has been a part of several of the projects and events through the years. Currently studying Elementary Education at Ferris State University, Kristen follows a path that is definitely all her own. With her love of crafts and kids, she is always looking for fun and interesting ways to engage kids and teens of all ages.

Mark NeCamp - Advertising and Media Consultant

- Mark brings a diverse brand of experiences to the board with over 20 years working in administration, as an education coordinator in the medical field, and customer service. Mark is also an accomplished public speaker and Tarot reader and has been in the service to the Pagan community throughout the Midwest and Michigan.
As he likes to say he is a “jack of all trades - master of none”.

Jake Walker - Event Safety / Security Coordinator

- With years of service in the armed forces, medical training, and a varied spiritual background, Jake brings an eclectic viewpoint to everything he does. He has an undeniable passion for learning new things especially when it comes to Norse traditions and mythology.


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