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Blessings and hello friends, family and neighbors. Listen closely to the sounds of the wind through the trees and over the fields. Do you hear it? It is the spirit of the Wolf calling you home. Wolves are protectors, teachers or pathfinders and have a strong sense of family. In many cultures, they stood for honor, loyalty strength, and bravery and still do today... These are only a part of the spirit that they left behind. Sadly, wolves have not roamed these lands in many years, but their spirit lives on. With that, we welcome you to the Wolf Run Wildlife and Spiritual Sanctuary, a Multi-denominational Spiritual Center and Wildlife refuge.

A Special Message From The Director

Hail and welcome to Wolf Run.
As one of the founders and the current Director of The Wolf Run Wildlife and Spiritual Sanctuary I wanted to take a moment to tell you what, to me, Wolf Run is, what we are about and what lead us to start WRWSS.

When I was a child, and even as a young adult, there had been times when I felt like "I did not belong". There was no place for me to be my self and where I did not have to worry about what others thought. When the time came for our family to become the stewards of this small 10 acre farm, we knew we were given a rare opportunity to not only do something for our family, but for others as well. With that, Wolf Run was born.

Pulling from my own spiritual beliefs that the Spirit of the Wolf helps to guide me, the unique trails (or runs) on the property, and our deep rooted love of Mother Earth and all of her family we came up with the name, The Wolf Run Wildlife and Spiritual Sanctuary. A place where people can set aside their differences and build on their similarities. All year long, we invite anyone who has an open mind, peace and love in there hearts, to come enjoy the gardens, events and the various forms of nature that can be found around the property. Years ago, WRWSS started as a single festival but today it has grown into so much more. Today it is more of a community, a family. With that, we welcome you to come sit by the fire, tell a tale, and dance to the rhythm of the drums.

All those who can leave hate at the gate are welcome.

Brightest of blessings,
Stan Newcombe ( Grey Wolf )

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